Luis Díaz del Dedo

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I help startups grow by applying scientific method. Actual status for pitching about Growth Hacking or Marketing: Always ready to pitch! :) Contact me ASAP my schedule is "complicated".
Actual status for consultancy: My schedule is full until January 2017. If you're in Madrid we can meet and eat to talk about your project near Gran Vía but I have no free working hours for your project right now. I'm sorry about it, I'm not scalable (yet) --> Do you know about my Growth Hacking Saas?

Actual status for job offers: contact me just if the offer is greater than 120k€ in Spain or 250k€ USA. Sorry for being rude but the best for you and me is to be clear about this fact. If you're representing Youtube, Google, Space X or Facebook: contact me ASAP no matter what :P

I'm working as a Growth Hacker freelance helping startups and big companies to become more successful. The areas in which I am specialist are Encourage social media sharing, Increase users recurrence, Measuring user behavior, Users catchment, Onboarding processes that flow, Users experience and Customer experience. I got this experience working on my own projects for 4 years and now working in several diferente projects which provides me a wide angle about growth hacking in every situation and every kind of project.

The areas I'm working in to increase my skills are recurrence (it's all about recurrence as a Growth Hacker you have to improve this knowledge every day), product design, how users perceive web design, how to truly generate communities that endure over time, how to increase content created by users and catchy copywriting.

Happy to have a productive meetings about job opportunities or calls but please contact me just for management positions. Let's be productive :)

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